Carolina Celada Ramón

Carolina Celada Ramón

Patient Demographics: Adult

""From words to action. You are your project under construction. One day at a time.""

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Procedures (7)

Grief counseling
Online Medicine
Attention deficit disorder (ADHD)
Child raising counseling
Crisis intervention for victims of violence
Divorce counseling
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Medical conditions (36)

Emotional crisis
Personality disorder
Antisocial personality
Anxious or excessive eating
Binge Eating Disorder
Chronic depression (dysthymia)
Chronic fatigue
Codependent relationships
Difficulty adapting
Emergency psychology
Enuresis (inability to control urination)
Fear of school
Hostile behavior
Identity disorder
Lost of interest in working
Morbid obesity
Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)
Oppositional defiant disorder (ODD)
Panic attack
Poor school performance
Postpartum depression
Psychotic behavior
Seasonal affective disorder (SAD)
Sexual aversion
Suicidal behavior
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General Info

About me

My name is Carolina Celada R, Psychologist, Code 11595, I provide care with emphasis on adolescents and adults.

I focus my query under the slogan "FROM WORDS, TO ACTION", with the aim of providing the patient beyond an accompaniment, in the search for real results beyond words with tools and solutions for their particular case.

I carry out the practice of Psychology from a Clinical approach and a Cognitive-Behavioral approach, although I complement with different approaches to Psychology, depending on each case. Remembering that every human being is different.

I am a lecturer and writer of the book "El Cyberbullying" like other texts and creator of various materials for sale. In addition, I give talks, workshops, and trainings on different topics, and I usually collaborate with different communication media on media such as social networks, television and radio.

I am passionate about Psychology, and on my Facebook and Instagram page @PsicologaCarolinaCelada I share information about mental health as reflective topics.

Likewise, I am a lawyer with expertise in bullying. I am a Mediator-Conciliator by training, and I am certified in Positive Discipline. I have a Diploma as an expert in ADHD.

I was the founder of my own Center for Attention to Bullying (Private Center for Attention to Bullying) and I have collaborated for more than 5 years with Stop Bullying Costa Rica.

In addition, I love knowing new places where I can appreciate beautiful and new landscapes, music, physical activity and issues related to self-love.

I offer:
* Individual Therapy (1 hour) - Medismart, Palig and private patient apply
* Couple Therapy (2 hours) - Applies Medismart, Palig and private patient
* Family Therapy -Small- (2 hours) - Applies Medismart, Palig and private patient
* Group Therapy -Small - (2 hours)

Reasons for consultation: Self-esteem, Anxiety, Bullying, Depression, Detachment, Social Skills, Projection and Personal Image, Body Image related to surgical-aesthetic and reconstructive procedures, Empowerment, Reconstruction of Life Project, Personality disorders -various-, Grief, Breakups, Stress, Eating Disorders, Crisis, among others.

Various workshops for private groups, companies, educational centers, and online.

PRESENTIAL APPOINTMENTS: in a Covid situation, the patient is asked for a mask.

ONLINE THERAPY: Appointments at 4040-0034. Immediate payment method under electronic transfer.

For appointments you have 5 options: 4040-0034 / 4035-1212 / 2528-5400 / Huli Agenda on Google or Medismart App.

Any appointment to be canceled must be canceled 24-48 hours in advance.




  • Degree in Psychology with emphasis in Clinic. Universidad Latina de Costa Rica.
  • Body Image Program / Body Image by the Eating Disorders and Obesity Care Center CATAO

    June 2020

  • Clinical Approach to Suicidal Behavior

    October 2019

  • Infectious Waste Management and Aseptic Techniques - CENET


  • University of Santa Fe of Art and Design, New México USA. Scholarship English Emersion


  • HIGH TO MATONISM! Second Academic Meeting Omar Dengo Foundation

  • Criminal Policy and Crime Theory

  • Ibero-American Video Cycle Conferences on Juvenile Criminal Law

  • Origins of the Notion of Restorative Justice (Project for We Learn to Solve Conflicts Peacefully)

  • Mediation: Philosophy, Theories and Areas of Application (Project for us to learn to solve conflicts peacefully)

  • International Congress of Medical Law and Legal Medicine.

  • III International Course on Body Damage Assessment - Latin American Association of Medical Law and Medical Law Association of CR

  • Ibero-American Video Cycle conferences on Family Protection through the Jurisdictional Process

  • The New Procedural Vision of D.Familia - Supreme Court of Justice

  • Bullying: a Reality that Hits- D´familia and Focus on the Family (Declared of Educational Interest by the Ministry of Public Education)

  • X International Educational Conference on Criminalistics-Euro-American Institute of Criminal and Forensic Sciences (INECCRIF)

  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Course (CPR)

  • Diploma Degree

    ADHD Expert: Integral Response

  • Technician Degree

    Forensic Science Technician

  • Diploma Degree

    Mediation / Conciliation Training


  • Professional College of Psychologists of Costa Rica cod. 11595 - active

    Related Professional - Costa Rica

  • 2016 President Association of Psychology Students Universidad Latina de Costa Rica (2016-2018)
  • 2010 Kaplan International Colleges , Cambridge. UK. Student of the Month August 2010 due TALKS
  • Keynote speaker at several National Congresses
  • Redactora del Libro “ El Cyberbullying” (2015)
  • Redactora para The Style Room "Autoestima e Imagen" (2015)
  • Ponente I er Foro Nacional contra el Bullying del Instituto Educativo Moderno - 2015 . Club Unión.
  • Ponente III Congreso Internacional de Mobbing y Bullying 2015. San José, Costa Rica.
  • Ponente Festival Antibullying - Centro Educativo San Gerardo 2013
  • Ponente - Semana de Coloquios para la Promoción Académica y de la Investigación Universitaria- Universidad Católica de Costa Rica- 2015.
  • Ponente - "Classroom Management, Bullying and Teacher Practices.- ULACIT ,2017
  • Ponente "Cine Foro: 13 Reasons Why" . ULATINA 2017
  • Ponente "I Jornada Nacional Contra el Bullying" - Colegio Profesional de Psicólogos de Costa Rica- 2018
  • Ponente I Foro "Más Allá del Silencio" -UNIBE -2019
  • Charlas, conferencias en diferentes escuelas e instituciones del país