Marianela Obando Valverde

Marianela Obando Valverde

Sport Nutrition
Patient Demographics: Children, Adult

"My goal is to put my knowledge and skills at the service of my patients, attending to their individual needs to improve their nutrition and sports performance"

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I am a nutritionist because I am passionate about knowing how what we eat can determine our health, how these foods suffer reactions inside us, generating us enough energy to perform daily tasks, physical activity and sport. Any condition and achievement attained becomes unique and unrepeatable in each patient and to be part of it makes it really rewarding.


English, Español


  • Master's in Integral Health and Human Movement. Universidad Nacional. 2017
  • Bachelor of Nutrition and Food Sciences. Universidad de San José,. 2006
  • Bachelor of Nutrition. Universidad de San José,. 2006
  • Sports Nutrition - Universidad Internacional Iberoamericana of Puerto Rico - San Juan, Puerto Rico. 2011

  • ISAK Certification - International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry - Level 1. 2017

  • 16th Annual Sports Nutrition Conference - ISSN, Las Vegas, USA

    June 2019

  • 9 Costa Rican Congress of Metabolism - ICOMET. San Jose Costa Rica

    May 2019

  • International Course on Sports Nutrition. Endorsed by the Mexican Federation of Sports Nutrition

    March 2019

  • XV National Congress of Nutrition ACDYN. San Jose Costa Rica

    October 2018

  • 15th Annual Sports Nutrition Conference - ISSN, Clearwater Florida.


  • Certification level 1 - ISAK (International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry)


  • 15th Course of Sports Nutrition. G-SE. 320 hours guaranteed by ACSM and ISSN


  • 14th Annual Conference and Expo, Sports Nutrition - ISSN, Phoenix, USA


  • XI International Course on Obesity - Miami, Florida


  • Latin American Congress on Obesity - San José, Costa Rica


  • Course of updates in the management of eating disorders - San José, Costa Rica


  • IX International Symposium on Sports, Exercise and Health Sciences - University of Costa Rica, San José, Costa Rica


  • Diploma Degree

    Instruction and Promotion of Physical Health with emphasis on muscular development - Universidad Nacional, Heredia, Costa Rica. 2005

  • Technician Degree

    Business Administration - ITCR. 2010


  • College of Nutrition Professionals of Costa Rica cod. 555-10 - active

    Related Professional - Costa Rica

  • International Society for the Advancement of Cineanthropometry (ISAK)
  • World Organization of Professionals in Sports Nutrition (PINES, Professional in Nutrition for Excersice and Sport)
  • International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry, ISAK
  • Member of the Mexican Federation of Sports Nutrition
  • 2016 Graduation with recognition Cum Laude. Master's Degree in Integral Health and Human Movement - UNA
  • Owner of Nutri Fit Nutrition Center
  • Sobrepeso y obesidad, nivel de actividad física, percepción de la autoimagen de niños niñas de I y II ciclo escolar: variaciones presentadas durante un año lectivo y su relación con el nivel socioeconómico. Universidad Nacional, 2016
  • Nutrición Deportiva. Foro Panamericano de Entrenamiento Deportivo. Costa Rica. 2009.