Marielos Arce Carranza

Marielos Arce Carranza

Patient Demographics: Adult, Eldery

"I wish to accompany you in the way of solutions, of well-being, of a better quality of life, let us dare to break down the walls of sadness, anxiety, loneliness, inconstancy.
 Let me accompany you in the search for that wonderful path of happiness, perhaps it is already waiting for you and you should only dare to undertake the journey."

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Procedures (10)

Child raising counseling
Couples therapy
Crisis intervention for victims of violence
Divorce counseling
Elderly therapy and support
Family therapy
Grief counseling
Relaxation techniques
Supporting psychotherapy in chronic and terminal pathologies
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Medical conditions (17)

Anxious or excessive eating
Chronic depression (dysthymia)
Chronic stress
Codependent relationships
Couple conflict
Drug abuse
Drug addiction
Emergency psychology
Emotional crisis
Panic attack
Posttraumatic stress
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General Info

About me

I like being able to give emotional tools to leave the place that bothers you to find the way out of difficult situations. There are moments in our lives that we do not see an end, a light, a hope, but we are not at the beginning door, the fears of failure loom, it is as if we were in the middle of a huge tunnel.
Accompany to find the way, closing all cycle and situations that harm you, leaving behind, letting go, letting go, to succeed (a) building a life with quality and finding well-being.

I teach workshops related to

 Self-esteem
 Mourning management, VIVENCIAL WORKSHOP
 Experiential workshop on communication at the end of life
 Experiential workshop LIVING WELL UNTIL THE END
 Management of grief due to loss of a couple
 Management of mourning due to loss of work
 Assertive communication management
 Labor climate
 Stress Management
 Group management
 Conflict resolution
 Intervention in Crisis
 Resilience
 Empowerment of women in a state of helplessness and domestic violence


 Care for children and adolescents
 Family crisis management
 Adult attention
 Couples crisis
 Attention to the needs of the cancer and terminal patient
 Attention to the needs of the family of the cancer and terminal patient
 Anticipatory grief care (Emergence of serious illness)
 Bereavement care due to the death of a loved one
 Management of grief due to loss of a couple
 Management of mourning due to loss of work
 Management of mourning by exile (geographical movement)
 Assertive communication management
 Crisis intervention
 Attention in post-traumatic Stress processes




  • Bachelors in Psychology. Universidad de Costa Rica.
  • Degree in psychology. Universidad de Costa Rica.
  • Masters in Palliative Care. Universidad Católica de Costa Rica.
  • Palliative Care & Psycho – Socio – Oncology. Pallium Río de la Plata Study Center Buenos Aires, Argentina with the support Of Oxford International Center for Palliative Care. (Oxford United Kingdom).
  • Universidad del Salvador Facultad de Medicina Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Palliative Care & Psycho – Socio – Oncology

  • Grief process management

  • Management of loss processes

  • Management in intervention in crisis

  • Accompaniment in anticipatory grieving processes


  • Professional College of Psychologists of Costa Rica cod. 1114 - active

    Costa Rica

  • Coautora del Programa de Maestría en Cuidados Paliativos (Área de Psicología) para la Universidad Católica de Costa RicaSan José, Costa Rica
  • Coautora de los Módulos de Formación en Medicina Paliativa para Médicos GeneralesCENDEISS – Área de Salud Pública de la Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad de Costa RicaSan José, Costa Rica.