Olga Guzmán Mora

Olga Guzmán Mora

Patient Demographics: Children, Adult

"My goal is to provide students, parents and / or caregivers with professional attention that allows them to understand the diversity of situations that affect learning. And also, offer possible solutions so that students can improve their academic performance and learn to learn."

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About me

I studied psychopedagogy in order to understand how the human being learns. Accompanying and helping children, youth and adults in the adventure of learning is my passion.
I also work in the communities and with groups organized through workshops and talks on different topics such as:
Emotional Intelligence
Positive discipline
Study habits
Multiple intelligences
Assertive Communication and Interpersonal Relations
Cognitive development in school age
Superior cognitive skills
Pedagogy of Jesus
Among other


English, Español


  • Bachelor of Preschool Education. Universidad de Costa Rica. March 1992 - October 1995